Nail colors depending on your horoscope


If you religiously follow your signs, here are some of the nail polish colors that will fit your horoscope:


Go for the bright colors. Go for neon! The giant Jupiter guides your fame house and lights it up for expanding your horizons. Make use of cheery yellow polish and have that fuel your bright outlook and strong spirit.


This sign calls for luster. Go for silver! Color your nails like the color of the sea shell. Let the true you come out with a splash of this color.


Feel like a royal and give your nails a hue of purple. It is an imperial shade that departs from your usual red color.


Green for lush abundance. The stars say that you will be doing well in terms of finance. Celebrate with this and the cash might have that green light to come into your bank account.


You need colors representing the burning sun. Orange to fire up all your initiatives.


There is a broad spectrum of gray with around 500 hues of this recognizable by the human eye. Be proud. Be loud.


The lion should show strength with bronze nail polish. This color represents your durability and inventiveness.


Feel like a fireball with red. This hue of blood is perfect for your go for it drive.


Your stars call for subtlety. Nude nails for an understatement that means elegance, refinement, and chic.


Reveal your soft side with a shade of pink. Show your kindness and do not be afraid since this will not be seen as a sign of weakness.


Your nails should be black. Be edgy and evoke some mystery.


Azure just like the sea. Deep waters just like your emotions spilling over. Remember to keep an open heart..

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