Model Julia Valimaki


The month of July was named in honor of the Roman general, Julius Caesar, so who better to be July’s model of the month than one bearing the feminine equivalent of that name? Finnish 5-foot-9-inch tall dazzler Julia Valimaki has amazing cheekbones that can cut through glass, and an extraordinary doll-like face that just screams to be photographed.
Hailing from central Finland, this Nordic green-eyed beauty was discovered in her mid-teens and has graced the covers of various top fashion magazines worldwide. If you read Elle, Glamour, Jalouse, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Vogue, Trendi, Wonderland, among others, chances are you’ve spotted her unmistakable face more than once, in the numerous editorials she has appeared in.
Her striking beauty and charming personality are her best weapons to conquer this fierce world of fashion, so we can surely expect to see more of Julia Valimaki in the long run.

Did you always wanted to be a model, or did you stumble upon it, get discovered etc.? Who or what inspired you to become a model? How did you get started in the modeling business?

I got scouted when I was 14 but I wasn’t really interested in modeling at that time. A couple years later I saw a girl from my home town in the cover of a Finnish fashion magazine. That made me think that maybe I could do modeling too, so I contacted an agency in Helsinki and they signed me right away.

How would you describe yourself as model in three words?

Hard-working, confident and persistent.

Out of all the places your career has taken you, where was the most memorable?

The Azores, Careyes in Mexico, Venice and the old town in Istanbul were places where I really recognized how incredibly lucky I am to be able to do this job and get to see such amazing places.

Is there an artistic or general difference in doing editorials/covers in Europe opposed to USA

In a way USA is more commercial and conservative than Europe. I feel like Europe is more open to new ideas and approaches in the artistic sense

What should a relationship between an agent and model look like?

It’s best to keep things friendly but strictly professional. Have a drink or go to lunch together every once in a while to develop a business relationship that is meaningful and shows your agent you’re fun and social

Is the fashion world what you expected it to be?

I didn’t have much expectations because I in my home town in Finland there wasn’t much fashion to be seen or experienced… I didn’t even know what Gucci or Chanel was when I started modeling!.

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